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Ryan Lind

Ryan Lind

Founder, Wealth Advisor

Growing up, I always had a feeling that my life’s career would involve numbers and problem-solving. My dad was an organic chemist, and my grandfather owned an auto repair shop. Our life was built around fixing problems, working through solutions, and creating ways to make things better. When my dad introduced me to the world of finance in the mid-90s, I knew that I had stumbled upon my greatest passion yet. From the time I was a teenager, I was keenly focused on getting into the world of Finance.

My formative years were during some of the most turbulent times in recent economic history. When my dad was showing me the ropes of managing his e-trade accounts during the late-90s, I got to see first-hand how booming markets can turn into an economic meltdown as bubbles burst and hearts sink. Upon graduating college in 2008, I entered the world of business during one of the largest financial crises in history. It wasn’t easy, but having lived during that period in this industry, I understand, deeply, why it is so important for people to have a trusted partner to help them through their financial journey, working towards their goals. It’s my job to do my absolute best to be there for them, laying out the pathway, making the changes they need, and helping them stay on course.

It's important. It’s my passion.

My wife and I are native to the Chicago suburbs, but then we decided to move to Grand Rapids
when I graduated from college. Michigan has become our home and it brings us so much joy to
work and live in the amazing communities around here. We have two daughters, 4 and 7, who
are our world. When we have time, we like everything outdoors including golfing, fishing
(especially Musky fishing), beaches, lakes, and pools. We make it a priority to enjoy what
Michigan has to offer when we have a chance.