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Helping You Achieve Your Financial Goals.

Comprehensive Planning and
Wealth Management Services

We understand that financial planning can be overwhelming. 

Our goal is to help you with daily money management as well as investing and tax planning. We monitor your progress. We also stick with you, so we can adjust your plan as your situation and priorities change. 

Financial Planning

We’ll create a comprehensive, tailored and lifelong financial plan to help you manage your financial life today while also preparing for the future. Of course, this plan will change as your life does, but we’ll be there to provide the guidance you need and make adjustments.

Investment Management

We’ll build a customized investment portfolio that’s aligned with your goals and objectives. We’ll utilize RFG’s innovative portfolio stress testing and risk assessment tools and meet regularly to review your progress and make any changes needed.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is always a top priority in our holistic financial plans. That said, we’ll evaluate where you are today and determine what steps you might need moving forward. We can also assist you in making investment choices with your existing retirement plan savings.

Trust and Foundation Planning

When used in estate and succession planning, trusts and foundations can offer asset management, tax benefits and privacy. We have experience helping individuals, families and businesses establish, fund and plan for trusts and foundations to support causes they care about.

Education Planning

Whether you want to continue your own education or make plans to pay for your grandchild’s, we can help you with smart planning and tax-advantaged savings accounts.

Insurance Services

Risk management is a critical part of any comprehensive financial plan. We offer you the insurance guidance you need and also assist with finding the best policies for your plan and budget.

Legacy Planning

We can help you minimize tax liability and maximize the legacy you leave for your family or other beneficiaries.

Charitable Giving

Support the causes you care about with efficient and effective charitable giving strategies.

FETCH Financial Hub

You’ll have on-demand access to all your financial information in one centralized place, including real-time statements and customized reports related to your financial plan. You can also organize and store important financial documents for easy access and peace of mind.

We design innovative strategies for a bright financial future.

We consider all aspects of your life when creating a comprehensive financial strategy for you. Our ability to tap into a broad range of services and products allows us to execute your strategy, monitor your progress and help prepare you for a secure, rewarding future.

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